Rossellini’s ‘L’Amore’

I’d somehow missed it until now, but as is so often the case with films, books and music it came to me at precisely the right moment, that is, at a time when I needed to see it with eyes wide open, to be touched by it just to the juncture of laughter and tears, […]


maybe i was fooling myself or maybe i was being fooled by him or maybe we both were being fooled and not by just ourselves but by the world and by that i mean the whole fucking world and everybody in it. it doesn’t matter because in the end it all turned out the same […]

I Know that It’s Over

I know that it is over, yet I cannot forego my love for you. Some boy says to me “I will find you by following my heart.” He’s young, seductive, even beautiful, but it’s your youth, your seductiveness, your beauty that clings to the inside of my eyes, it’s those words said in your voice […]

C. Calls

Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit C. calls. Unexpected, yet predictable. Having only just reconciled myself to not seeing him again, it seems somehow fitting and proper that he should intervene in my life again. My first impulse is to break it off before I am hurt any further. Indeed, to date he’s produced way […]