FOUND ARTIST: Mitch Moore (Filmmaker)

Blown utterly away by this young NYC-based filmmaker.

Rossellini’s ‘L’Amore’

I’d somehow missed it until now, but as is so often the case with films, books and music it came to me at precisely the right moment, that is, at a time when I needed to see it with eyes wide open, to be touched by it just to the juncture of laughter and tears, […]

George Kuchar: An Appreciation

Note: This piece was written for Fanzine in September, shortly following the Kuchar’s untimely death. This is the original text; the edited version (with interview) can be found here. GEORGE KUCHAR An Appreciation I don’t recall the first time I saw one of George Kuchar’s movies, but I’m certain it must have been in the […]