(from an e-letter to R.D.) Thankee very much, but I think I’ll avoid being famous for the nonce, taking a leaf out of the book just completed by the late, deeply lamented J.D. Salinger. I’ve been thinking a lot about “Catcher in the Rye” and it strikes me with great force just really how good […]

Archivio Segreto

‘The snob is not a man who loves snobs, but merely a man who cannot set eyes on a duchess without finding her charming. A homosexual is not a man who loves homosexuals, but a man who, seeing a soldier, immediately wants to have him for a friend.’ (PROUST)


It is the weekend following the release of a new issue of my magazine and I’m celebrating at my usual haunt, the Mabuhay Gardens, the town’s leading punk venue. By the time I arrive, I’ve already had a bit to drink and a snort or two of speed and I’m definitely, in the words of […]


The life we have before us is both a figment and a fragment of the imagination. At best, we can at any given moment grasp but a shadow (skias) of its meaning and, even then, the very act of grasping instantly distorts and alters it beyond recognition. In this sense, we can say that everyone’s […]


he worked like a dog or so the expression (in english, at least) goes, but honestly it’s a cliche thoroughly exploded by all the dogs of my acquaintance, particularly my own. say rather slept or lazed or lounged about like a dog, so perfect and without flaw are these brilliant canine studies in ripose. and […]

Back N Forth

made the comeback on saturday from four weeks paradisical: for all the rare, exotic pleasures that ensure from doing nada but what one wants, there’s nonetheless plenty o’pain and bitter taste from the sense that time passes all too quickly, that every single moment of leisure is itself a victim, devoured by and devouring itself, […]

Beach Bag

ten days into the laxation and, saying so myself, it’s been a week and a half gloriously well spent, especially if you consider reading, swimming, sunning and sleeping as high and noble virtues worthy of note and application. so far this vacation scorecard is looking good: i’m already brown as the proverbial berry, i’m seriously […]


in a few hours, we’ll be at the beach and, man o manishevitz , i’m telling you it literally could not be a minute too soon. the last week has been outrageously intense — intense heat-n-humidity, intense socializing, intense working, intense prep to get outta this town. it got so bad yesterday that i had […]

Rock n Roll

at the last minute, our friend mariella f. scored us some v.i.p. passes to the coldplay show last night (she’s tight with actress gwyneth paltrow whose b/f is chris martin, the band’s singer/songwriter) and so off we went. despite the fact that it was just the kind of scene that i am, by nature and […]


we leave for the beach in a week and, believe me, it ain’t a minute too soon, mister man. i’m dead beat and way seedier than the watermelons i’ll be scarfing on a sunlit terrace this time next week. it’s been a strange and bumpier-than-usual half-year, notable less for its lows than its absence of […]