Letter from Rome (II)

All is well here in the Eternal City, even if the weather has been, well, eternally gloomy. Having spent most of my so-called “formative” years in sunny climes, I fear I am ill-prepared for day after day of cloudy skies, rain and chilly temperatures. I find myself yearning for California’s perpetual sunshine and temperate warmth. […]

Letter from Rome (I)

I suppose in these grim days no news is good news and mine is not particularly noteworthy. In general, I’ve been feeling fine, most of the aches and pains of the autumn have seemed to moderate and my foot is healing quite nicely. I’m able to tromp across the cobblestones for a fair long distance […]


the b/f is off for a five-day art’n’archeological shindig in, of all places, albania. happily, he’s promised to keep a sharp eye out for any memorabilia relating to the sacred king zog and thus i’m feeling plenty content to have him gone and snag a few days on my own — especially as i’m at […]

Roman fragment

my smart lunch at tad with a friend having been unexpectedly postponed, i undertook a long stroll through the center in pursuit of a little fresh air and exercise. there is nothing in life so self-satisfying or revealing, i think, as just walking in a beautiful city with no particular objective or destination in mind. […]