From “Dangerous Minds” – The Codex Seraphinianus

“DANGEROUS MINDS” codex_seraphinianus_the_strangest_book_in_the_world

FOUND ARTIST: Mitch Moore (Filmmaker)

Blown utterly away by this young NYC-based filmmaker.

Ron Athey and Rozz Williams: ART and FACT circa 1981

  My old friend Ron A. posted this on his Facebook recently and it served to remind me yet again that the more things change, the more they stay the same. The urge to transgress is eternal, a fixed component of our being, the dark and contrary side of our personality, the creative dimension that […]

FOUND ARTIST: Antonio Mancini – 15 Minutes 100 Years Later

This afternoon: “Boldini and the Italians in Paris” show at the Chiostro del Bramante. We went to see the Boldini’s and, while we were certainly not disappointed, it was the work of Antonio Mancini, experienced for the first time, that left me reeling with admiration and surprise. This is art that is radically, transformatively beautiful, […]