in a few hours, we’ll be at the beach and, man o manishevitz , i’m telling you it literally could not be a minute too soon. the last week has been outrageously intense — intense heat-n-humidity, intense socializing, intense working, intense prep to get outta this town. it got so bad yesterday that i had […]

Rock n Roll

at the last minute, our friend mariella f. scored us some v.i.p. passes to the coldplay show last night (she’s tight with actress gwyneth paltrow whose b/f is chris martin, the band’s singer/songwriter) and so off we went. despite the fact that it was just the kind of scene that i am, by nature and […]


we leave for the beach in a week and, believe me, it ain’t a minute too soon, mister man. i’m dead beat and way seedier than the watermelons i’ll be scarfing on a sunlit terrace this time next week. it’s been a strange and bumpier-than-usual half-year, notable less for its lows than its absence of […]

Grand Guignol (fragment)

That boy he dead, he dead like a doornail, says my pal Jones, looking at the boy’s picture on the screen and shaking his head. He die for his country, for his country’s honor, he die for his uncle sammy. He die for his mommy an her apple pie. But he die screaming and making […]

And the beat goes on…

who knows where the time goes or, for that matter, where it doesn’t go. in a week where one can literally see the heat rising off roman cobblestones, i’ve dived for cover, spending most of my days hunkered down in dark shuttered rooms before a fan and letting my computer screen provide a so-called window […]


in a lifetime of self indulgences, perhaps the least fatal is my near-obsession with having fresh cut flowers in the house. there was a time not so long ago when i was content with a single bouquet, but nowadays three vases full hardly seem sufficient. there’s a lesson here, entirely auto-directed, reminding one that even […]


the b/f is off for a five-day art’n’archeological shindig in, of all places, albania. happily, he’s promised to keep a sharp eye out for any memorabilia relating to the sacred king zog and thus i’m feeling plenty content to have him gone and snag a few days on my own — especially as i’m at […]