he worked like a dog or so the expression (in english, at least) goes, but honestly it’s a cliche thoroughly exploded by all the dogs of my acquaintance, particularly my own. say rather slept or lazed or lounged about like a dog, so perfect and without flaw are these brilliant canine studies in ripose. and […]

Now where was I? (part three)

the old block and the chipping thereof… not to put too fine a point on it, the last six months have been a disaster creatively speaking. in the madcap (if successful) pursuit of the almighty dollar, i’ve not really managed to write a thing. yes, a couple of lines here, a passage or two there, […]

Now where was I? (part two)

the din and the fray continues… if in oxford, all that glittered was not exactly gold, atlanta in the springtime proved to be far more pleasant and picturesque than i remembered (this was the first in more than five years that i’ve spent the spring in the states). our new digs are coming along quite […]

Now where was I? (part one)

NOW WHERE WAS I? there was a point to all of this — something, i recollect, to do with life, mine specifically, and, oh yeah, love, literature, art and the whole zany rigamarole we conveniently call existence. but man o manishevitz it’s been a while and even in a world of fast and easy excuses, […]